New Cubes + Competition Plans

by Simon Tiger

my new Kilominx
figuring out the Master Pyraminx

4 new cubes! A Kilominx, a Master Pyraminx, a Pyramorphix, and a Redi Cube. The Kilominx was just a 2×2 Megaminx, and the Pyramorphix was just a 2×2 shape mod, so I could already solve those. The Redi Cube was the easiest thing in the world, maybe even easier than the Ivy Cube.

For the Master Pyraminx, I came up with my own method. I will link to the speedsolving post where I shared it:, but in summary, I based it off of the Reduction method for 4×4+, tweaking it a little to fit the Master Pyraminx. The one part I couldn’t do was parity. And, I don’t know how the heck this happened, but the one and only Daniel Goodman from DGCubes replied to me!

Perhaps even more exciting than all if this, A WCA COMPETITION IS HAPPENING IN BELGIUM! I was waiting for this to happen for AGES, and it’s finally happening! It’s happening on November 13th and 14th. That said though, for many of the events I don’t meet the time limits/cutoffs. So currently, I’m only planning to compete in 3×3, 2×2, Megaminx, Pyraminx and Skewb, since those are the only events I meet the cutoff for. I am allowed to change this up until November 7th though. (Btw literally as I was writing this sentence, I noticed that the only event I’m planning to compete in on the 13th is Megaminx, and it only has one round. So if I am not going to compete in other events, I might just scrap Megaminx because it’ll be the only event I will do on the 13th).

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