by Simon Tiger

A while ago, I made my first “mod” (my first cube I made myself out of other cubes). It was a pair of what are called “siamese” cubes, which are basically just two cubes stuck together (img below). Making them was quite easy, I just took two cubes, took one row of pieces out of both, and then glued them together. Because they’re glued, they can only turn on some axes (e.g. the green and blue sides can’t turn). Pieces can’t move from one cube to the other, which makes it a whole lot easier to solve, you can just solve one cube and then solve the other cube. I tried using my usual method (CFOP) to solve the cubes, but it didn’t like the constraint that it only turns on some axes so I used Roux instead.

One of the cubes a little bit scrambled
The four cubes I used to do this (two of them were just backups, I didn’t end up using them for anything :p)

The day before writing this I made another mod: I took all the speedcubable 3x3s I had, and tried to see which ones I could combine so that the pieces fit together. I ended up taking the core from the MeiLong (the same type of cube I used for the siamese cubes), the edge pieces from the GAN 354 (my one handed main), and the corner pieces from the GAN 11M Duo (my 3×3 main). It was definitely a bit of a mess to assemble them afterwards 😀

All six candidates disassembled
The end result, it looks weird since the 354 was designed to be smaller, so the edge pieces are smaller than the rest of the cube, and the meilong also has slightly different colors so the colors are slightly inconsistent
It looks even funnier scrambled

Oh and don’t worry, the “cube salad” as I’m now calling it has now been reversed back into it’s base cubes.

For future modding ideas, I really want to do something with Apoxie Sculpt. It’s quite interesting. Basically, it comes in two parts, A and B, and on their own, they behave a bit like clay. You can mold them into any shape you want. But, when you mix them together, it will dry out after a while. This is really useful for modding because you can fill or extend a piece of the cube in any way you like, and you can even keep the Apoxie Sculpt because the 2 parts on their own won’t dry out.

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