Processing Community Day Amsterdam has published its program and Simon is in it!

It’s official! Simon is going to be speaking at this event, his presentation (about his Times Tables Visualization project in Processing) is planned for the 15-o’clock block!  

Times Tables with Simon Tiger
Simon is a 9 year old mathematician who loves to reveal the mysterious beauty of math. In his short presentation he will share a recent project he made: visualising times tables from 1 to 200 in Processing. Simon first created an animated version and later turned it into a ginormous poster with 200 static representations of the times tables, both mathematically accurate and artistic. Simon will bring several copies of the poster! 

Check for more information and here’s a link to the animated version. 


The day is packed with other beautiful talkes and workshops!

DAY: Saturday 9 February 2019
TIME: 11.00 – 24.00
WHERE: FIBER Office | Open Coop 
Tolhuisweg 2, Amsterdam 
How to get there: Take the ferry from Amsterdam CS to the Buiksloterweg (Amsterdam North). Our location is a 5-minute walk. The ferry services continue all day and all night.

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