Is the Universe random?

Simon, looking at the dust particles in the sun: “Is brownian motion random? If we look small enough, we might see something deterministic… but it might also be stochastic. What you’re doing, you might get something very little wrong, in which case you get a completely different answer! And how wrong you are in this area is being controlled by the little coins inside your head, or somewhere, which are smaller than an atom! But still, coins are deterministic. So even throwing of a coin is deterministic. It’s pseudo randomness. Looks and feels random but it’s not. If you really closely look how the coin moves then you can predict how the coin is gonna land. Technically, you can have some kind of robot to do that.

So actually, is the Universe random? It’s a very tricky puzzle”.

Me: At the quantum level, a particle can be in two places at once, but once the observer sees it, it seems to choose a specific position.

Simon: “Maybe it even depends on who is looking! Which means that we sometimes see everything wrong!.. Brownian motion is deterministic, we think”.

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