A quiz full of fun tricks

Simon got these from the Scam School channel.

I first only got a strip paper with a sequence of green sticks written on it, separated by comas. Simon did tell me those were pieces of numbers, the way they appear on a calculator screen, and that I was supposed to comolete the sequence. I tried to give this one a shot. To stop the waiting that began to seem eternal he eventually gave me the answer: the green sticks were everything BUT the numbers! Below you see the competed version:

Here, too, one is supposed to continue the sequence of numbers written in a column. You see the pattern?

Here too, come up with the next character:

See the pattern now?

The next one is hilarious! Rearrange the letters below to write ONE WORD:

And in the last puzzle, the nine words used to have something in common, but now it’s just eight of them.

If you get stuck with any of these, leave a plea for help in the comments!

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