Simon has been begging me to do this project together for days (fans of dodecahedrons that we are) and finally we made it – our own origami dodecoration! Simon learned this from a video by Matt Parker on Stand Up Math and looked up a dodecahedron graph on Google. In the video, Simon explains the main principles of how to make a dodecoration. The steps of how to fold your paper squares are below.


Make sure you have 30 origami paper squares, in 3 or 5 colours

Fold in two, valley fold down


Fold again, so that the cross section looks like the letter “M”



Make sure the  bottom of the “M” is facing you, then fold like below. Repeat for all the 30 squares.


Now it’s time to start inserting the 30 pieces inside one another. The small triangular folds should fit together to make the vertices of the dodecahedron. Every vertex should be made up of three pieces of different colours.


The dodecahedron graphs (the plan to follow while building):

Five colours

Three colours


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