Squared Square Puzzle

Simon came up with an idea to make a puzzle of “squared squares”, a concept he learned via Numberphile. One square of 112 by 112 cm (the smallest possible of the squared squares) is made up of squares that each form a sum of two or more neighboring squares. Simon later completed the whole puzzle, together with his little sis. They had to pick up the tiniest square with a pair of tweezers!







Simon drew all the exact pieces of the puzzle on a sheet of paper first, but then – open source minded as he is – he decided to create a website where the pieces would be available for everyone to print out. We’ll post the link here once the website is online (I sometimes literally beg Simon to put projects online, as he always considers them unfinished or not good enough). He also wrote a webpage about the concept of squared squares, but (surprise!) hasn’t hosted it on GitHub yet either. Here comes a screenshot of the webpage:

Squared Square Webpage 1 Feb 2018 1Squared Square Webpage 1 Feb 2018 2

As the last exercise with this concept, Simon also calculated the area of the smallest possible squared square on his desktop calculator:

First Squared Square Found Area calculated by Simon 1 Feb 2018

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