Patterns. Hilbert Curve in Processing.

This is a project about pattern. “Some people look for patterns. We call those people mathematicians”, Matt Parker said in a Numberphile video. I think I have never heard a description that would suit Simon better. He has always been looking for patterns, everywhere – in music, in toys, in ice-cream menus, in books about space or chemistry manuals. When he was little and spent days ranking planets and stars from memory, we used to think space was his true interest. Or elementary particles. Or the periodic table. Or Japanese letters. Or Greek letters. As it turned out later, he simply picked the topics that had more pattern in them, that were easy to classify. To this day, he enjoys music theory much more than actually playing the piano, and when listening to music I see him move his hand rhythmically every time a recognisable/ repetitive pattern is distinguishable.

In the video below, Simon is trying to build a Hilbert Curve (a space filling curve, a type of fractal) in Processing. The project was inspired by the math videos by 3Blue1Brown and the Koch Snowflake example by Daniel Shiffman (Chapter 8 in his book The Nature of Code, Fractals).

Links to the Hilbert Curve videos on the 3Blue1Brown channel:

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