Kirchoff’s Current Law

On Monday Simon’s math tutor and I agreed that Simon should try some problem solving involving both math and electricity, considering his current interest. We chose Electricity and Magnetism > Current Behaviour > Kirchoff’s Current Law on I must say it wasn’t easy, but Simon said he understood it. We weren’t sure about that until Wednesday afternoon, when Simon discovered a new Adventures in Science video on YouTube on series and parallel circuits and screamed: “Mom, but that’s just Kirchoff’s Law!” and drew beautiful schematics.

The photographs above are showing Simon colouring the schematics his teacher drew. He had to colour them in certain ways to understand series and parallel circuits. These are the tasks he solved on Monday together with his teacher:






These are the circuits Simon was drawing for himself during the math lesson on Monday to help himself understand the topic better. It is an illustration of the Lily Pad Design kit, a wearable including conductive thread and sew-on LEDs:

And this is what Simon was drawing on Wednesday on his own, from memory (he said those also were the circuits of the Lily Pad Design kit, only he converted them in proper schematics now):

The new Adventures in Science video:

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