Snacks! 🍿 is a website to make small fun apps (called “snacks”) with React Native. What is React Native, you may ask. It’s something Simon and Neva have been crazy about over the past month or so. It’s a JS framework for creating apps. Download the ExpoGo app and you get instant access to your self-made apps on your mobile devices, too!

Once you are done making the app in the online editor on the website, you can click the “My Device” button in the editor and scan the QR code with your mobile or tablet (scan with your camera app if you’re on iOS and with the ExpoGo app itself if you’re on Android).

If you want to get fancy and be able to ship your project to an app store or test it outside of Expo Go, you can take the next step and start creating “builds” instead of “snacks”. All on the same website,

The idea to learn React Native came from Neva and Simon’s friend Abhay and proved very contagious. Neva has been teaching herself via She already knew a descent amount of JavaScript (mainly trained in the p5.JS web editor and and liked that React Native uses JSX (a version of JavaScript that allows you to plop html elements right into your code).

Here are a few projects Neva has been playing with. The first one she made together with Abhay. It’s a little app allowing the user to publish a piece of text

Neva also made a cool birthday app for a friend who’s celebrating his birthday today 🎂 with a whole array of birthday emojis!

The above was a variation of an earlier project Neva and Abhay had made together, a color changing button app:

And one more project, a login screen with a secure password box (the password appears in dots):

Neva says ReactNative is not a good place to start coding if you’re an absolute beginner. Start practicing JavaScript with p5.JS and move one to React Native once you have gained confidence with html, css and JS.

Simon has made this basic score keeper app:

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